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Yoga + Natural Solutions


A Holistic Yoga Retreat

Unwind while immersed in nature's beauty and pamper yourself with Holistic and Restorative Yoga by the log fire at Ignite Your Light Holistic Yoga Retreat on January 22, 2017.


Presented with a new beginning every day, Ignite Your Light Retreat invites you to focus on holistic well-being for mind, body, and spirit and gifts you with customized ideas and techniques to enjoy throughout the year.


This heartwarming retreat will nurture your being and rejuvenate your commitment to care for yourself and also energize you to care for others.


9:30am        Doors Open

9:45am        Welcome & Introductions

10:15am      Holistic Yoga

11:30am      Break

11:45am      Nourish with Delicious & Healing Food

Noon            Lunch

12:45            Intentional Living for Whole Being Wellness

1:45pm        Break

2pm              Restorative Yoga

3pm              Relaxing Sound Bath with Alchemy & Quartz Singing Bowls

3:30              Closing

4pm              Departure

Peaceful Location

Nestled in a 260 acre forest along the Raccoon River, Walnut Woods Lodge hosts our winter getaway right in West Des Moines. This charming lodge provides a view into winter's wonderland with large wrap around windows. Steps away from fresh cool air, the crackling log fire will warm and light our space. This tranquil lodge invites and inspires us to nurture our mind, body and spirit.

Nourishing Refreshments

Lunch will feature fresh, organic, vegan, and gluten free items filled with flavor. Satiate your thirst throughout the day with coconut water, fruit infused water, herbal and a variety of other teas - hot or cold.


Lynn Marie Nelson, owner of Illuminate Yoga + Natural Solutions, aspires to uncomplicate wellness and empower you with knowledge and confidence to find a place of balance in your life.  With over 16 years of retreat facilitation and 1300 hours of experience teaching holistic wellness and mindful yoga, Lynn Marie authentically shares tips and tricks for all to take into their daily life. As a Holistic Yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner, she provides private one to one sessions and private group classes in addition to public classes. 

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