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To illuminate

    your path

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Featured Events

A Day for You


Illuminate the Path:
A Holistic Yoga Retreat in Atlanta

Step away for a day and nourish your whole being. This retreat invites you to focus on you, and gifts you with customized techniques to enjoy at home. Located in an easy to get to bright & spacious location that's just inside the perimeter off of I-85.

Be one of the few, lighthearted individuals who enjoys this day.

Spots are limited to 15. 

All For You

Your goals are front and center. 

Walk away refreshed & inspired with knowledge and techniques to explore. 

Your Unique Needs

Honored in all classes, retreats & private wellness sessions

Each Encounter a

Rich Experience

Mindfully Explore

Yoga and self-care practices to meet you where you are today. One to One or in a small group.


It's not about perfect choices, we find better choices that fit your lifestyle.


Beautiful sites, scents that amplify the goodness of our activities, and flavors that entice & nourish.

Sincerely committed to you, Lynn Marie will bring creative ideas & sweet touches to each of your connections.


No class is ever the same. Reduce stress, sleep better, and be comfortable in your own skin.

Together, you and Lynn Marie, will draw on your own abilities and resources to make lasting changes for better health and wellness.

About Lynn Marie

Your Holistic

Wellness Guide

Lynn Marie Hemera

Focused on You

Wholehearted & Creative

Experienced Professional


In Service to You

Yoga Techniques

Breath Exercises

Embodied Meditation


Restorative, Chair, Gentle, Refreshing Mix, Yoga Walk

Self Care & Goal Coaching

Eating Well

Integrating Wellness Techniques into Daily Life

Workshop Facilitation


Aromatherapy & Essential Oils


Singing Bowl Sound Bath


Is this for me?

All of Lynn Marie's classes are

  • supportive

  • non-competitive

  • at a pace you can enjoy

  • not cardio/fitness focused

  • mind, body & breath focused

​Are you

  • new to yoga or holistic wellness - a complete beginner?

  • feel like a beginner?

  • a yoga practitioner [with experience] that is interested in exploring techniques of a life giving and sustainable holistic yoga practice?


You are Welcome


For Me
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Get Your Questions Answered

Lets find the class or service to help you relieve stress, reduce tension, and connect to your inner well of peace. 


Schedule a free consultation, and let's connect on Facebook or Instagram.

I hope to illuminate your path for life's adventure.

Lynn Marie Hemera


Others are Saying...

Lynn Marie is insightful, caring and wonderfully knowledgeable about living holistic wellbeing. I've attended her retreats, practiced yoga in her group classes, enjoyed her yoga walks and hikes and done reiki and a sound bath. All are wonderful. But the biggest benefit I've received has been through my one on one wellbeing coaching sessions. She has a wonderful way of listening and providing personalized coaching that fits precisely what my body and mind need at that moment. I highly recommend working with Lynn Marie.


Des Moines, Iowa

I have really felt blessed to have the opportunity to work with Lynn Marie as my yoga and life coach.  She is a kindred spirit with very special talents. I am thankful to Lynn Marie for sharing all the invaluable information on breathing techniques, meditation and nutritional recipes.


Des Moines, Iowa

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Using Social Media & Email, Lynn Marie shares inspiration, holistic wellness tips and tools as well as stories about her every day practice.

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