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Focused on You

Lynn Marie is only concerned about one thing... YOU. She opens yoga and self-care practices to meet you where you are today. She creates a refreshing session at a pace for you to enjoy, and will invite you to pick options that work best for your body so that your practice is life-giving and sustainable.

Wholehearted & Creative

Sincerely committed to you, Lynn Marie will bring creative ideas and sweet touches to each of your encounters.

Experienced Professional

  • 24+ years Coaching Others

  • 24+ years Facilitating Events for 5-2500 People

  • 17+ years Teaching Yoga

  • 17+ years Serving as  Holistic Wellness Guide


  • E-RYT 200

  • Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider

Lynn Marie Hemera's Journey

Looking for relaxation, Lynn Marie began practicing yoga in 2004. She was challenged with a rocky, sometimes mountainous, journey of health. Living with pain and discomfort was not an option. With determination Lynn Marie embarked on a new path; one filled with hope, strength, and gratitude.


Lynn Marie’s passion for wellness and helping others naturally flowed into her yoga practice. Teaching her first One to One yoga session in June of 2006, Lynn Marie has continued learning and teaching ever since.  Residing in Des Moines, Iowa, Lynn Marie Hemera enjoys hiking, cooking, and good conversation as well as yoga.

Lynn Marie credits many teachers for her practice. Studying with different teachers has brought new insight, greater knowledge, and a deeper appreciation for the wonderful and sometimes mysterious practice we call yoga. 


Lynn Marie Hemera is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider and an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance. Lynn Marie’s training encompasses holistic wellness, techniques, fitness and yoga components such as anatomy, physiology, technique, yoga theory, pose alignment, meditation, and more. Lynn Marie continues to enrich her life with a beginners mind. 

Lynn Marie believes yoga’s benefits can be experienced by all. She teaches you to be responsive to the signals of your body, developing a practice that you can do on your own. Her approach to wellness simplifies how to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Read more about Lynn Marie Hemera's healing journey as featured by Gaiam Life. (Here is a pdf of the article available if archived site is too slow to load).

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