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Yoga+Natural Solutions


A Customizable Program 

Get healthy, reduce stress, and discover your best self in this 6 week holistic wellness series.  This program is designed for those who want to commit to a regular yoga practice and develop long term wellness habits. This series will simplify the process of achieving wellness goals using yoga, self awareness, and nutritional choices.


This is your day to live healthier and feel good. Join others to learn, laugh, and share in this life changing program held in a location of your choice, online or mine. This is not a cookie cutter challenge; the lifestyle modifications are personalized by you to help you reach your goals.


Session Topics

Move & Be Mindful        What’s on my plate?        Relax & Restore 

Is it food?        Sip ‘n Snack        Be Present 


Your Commitment

Participate in yoga and wellness sessions and incorporate one personalized lifestyle modification per week.

Some of the Many Benefits 

Be part of and benefit from the motivation, inspiration and accountability of the group. You will receive yoga and wellness goodies related to lifestyle modifications, resource materials, and an Illuminate Challenge Alumni discount to various classes and events. Learn more tricks & tips specifically for you in a one-to-one Wellness Coaching Session with Lynn Marie.

Feedback from Illuminate Challenge Alumni

  • My favorite part… the practical applications—you didn’t give us pie in the sky ideas. You shared ways we can make changes easily. 

  • I gained… a sense of well being, more peace with myself and what I choose to eat & strength of who I am. 

  • The one-to-one meeting with Lynn Marie Nelson was a great part of the challenge as well. 


Learn More

Do privately or with a small group. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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