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As we begin our journey together, I (Lynn Marie) would like to share with you my approach to wellness. I believe...


You are the expert on you and your experience.

  • Every body is different.

  • You are the manager of your wellness team.

Holistic/Whole Being Wellness takes the entire person (mind, body & spirit) and his/her experience into account.

  • Mind = intellect, emotions & thoughts.

  • Body = what you put in and on the body as well as how you move it, the functionality and relaxation factors.

  • Spirit = energy, breath, social, exploration, creativity, purpose & spirituality (presence, forgiveness, acceptance).


Balance is essential to optimal health.

  • I believe in a triangular approach to wellness. This can be described in 2 ways: 

  • Imbalance in one area affects the other areas.

Being aware and present to one’s own experience creates space for wellness.

  • Observation is key to recognizing one’s thoughts, emotions, perceptions, reactions, habits, environment, etc. Through mindfulness one can identify benefits, patterns or correlations. 

  • Wellness choices are not one size fits all.


In making better and sustainable choices.

  • There is typically a spectrum of options to choose from. One side being the “worst” and the other the “best.” Perfection is not the goal in the pursuit of being well; harmony is.

  • Every choice is an opportunity to influence our wellness. Given the options available and factors involved, the goal is to make the better choice available to us.


Mother Nature creates the best option.

  • Unprocessed vs. Processed 

  • Whole Foods vs. Chemical 

  • Natural vs. Synthetic 


 In lifelong learning.

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