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Yoga+Natural Solutions


Forward-thinking businesses and community organizations are incorporating yoga and wellness programs to encourage and support work/life balance.  Since 2008 Lynn Marie has been offering yoga classes to:

  • Businesses

  • Senior Care Facilities

  • Rehabilitation Centers

  • Schools – for students and/or teachers

  • Public Institutions – Colleges, Libraries, Hospitals, etc.

  • Athletic Programs

Lynn Marie provides onsite classes to meet your organization's needs utilizing the style and time most appropriate for your group. Be it super early or during the lunch hour, you can practice yoga when it best fits your schedule.  Schedule a conversation with her or drop her an email or call.

Yoga benefits individuals and organizations by helping to:

  • Decrease sick days

  • Relieve stress & tension

  • Improve focus

  • Reduce back pain 

  • Quicken response time

  • Strengthen team bonds

  • Reduce apathy and depression

  • Increase energy and vitality

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