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Upcoming Retreats & Workshops

Do you need some "YOU TIME"? A little break from work, the to dos and relationship demands... time to relax and reconnect with your spirit, body and mind? Perhaps a retreat is just what you need to nourish your body and soul.  A retreat can have any focus such as wellness, yoga, leadership, spirituality, etc.  Having facilitated retreats since 2000 Lynn Marie is delighted to lead you on your retreat experience.  

Join Lynn Marie Hemera and others for an upcoming retreat or plan a small group or private retreat with your friends.  Sacred Circle is a shorter time commitment, but offers similar rewards as a retreat.  Schedule a conversation with Lynn Marie or drop her an email or schedule call to discuss these options further.


As an interactive speaker, Lynn Marie encourages those in attendance to look with a fresh eye at the many possibilities of enhancing one's wellness.  The goal, for all events and activities, is for each participant to take away an idea (or more) to bring peace and healing into his or her life.  Retreats and workshops nourish and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit providing a break from life's demands to reflect and explore new ideas.

Possible Topics & Themes:

  • Yoga 101

  • Microdose Self Care & Get the Things Done: <5min Techniques to Peace & Focus

  • Illuminate Challenge

  • Ignite the Spark Within

  • Align with Nature

  • Yoga for ... Beginners, Home, Seniors, Golfers, Stress Reduction

  • Embodied Meditation

  • Reducing Chemicals in Your Home & On/In Your Body

To book a private workshop schedule a free consultation with Lynn Marie below or reach out in the way you prefer.  

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