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Community is important. In this world, where people have more ways to connect with each other than ever, many also experience more isolation. A quick comment on Facebook can link you to hundreds of people. But it's no substitute for real friendship, for a community of caring individuals who will hold your hand when the world seems dark and scary.


That's what a Sacred Circle is all about-bringing together individuals who will accept, support, and challenge you on your journey to enjoy life and become better friends with yourself and others.


A Sacred Circle is a group that meets with the intention of exploring themselves and ideas. This group may have but is not limited to discussions of spirituality (non-dogmatic), philosophy, poetry, and personal growth. Activities may include but are not limited to walking meditation, games, yoga, discussions, creative expression, etc. The ideas are truly limitless. Activities, discussion topics, themes, and meeting times are decided by the group.


Contact Lynn Marie if you are interested in joining a Sacred Circle.

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