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You may use an intention to focus your mind, change negative thought patterns, or influence your internal story. By creating your mindset, your intentions also influence your inclination in how you interpret and interact with your world thus changing your behavior patterns.


An intention is a statement that affirms a quality you wish to attain or have within you. By setting an intention, you make your aspirations front and center. Your mind begins to look for evidence to support you and you transform your limiting and negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones.

There are many ways to incorporate your intention into your day. Carry an intention in your pocket, put it on a sticky note, use your calendar or an app (like Positive Thinking) to bring your intention to the front of your mind. State your intention aloud or silently to yourself anywhere anytime. Use it like a mantra or replace an ill focused thought with your new thought. 

Establishing a new thought pattern will give you the foundation and strength to change your behavior patterns. Below are a few pictures I've taken and added intentions too. Some link to corresponding blog posts. Enjoy these and connect with me on social media to see more.

Here are some of my other thoughts on intentions, thought patterns, and word choices:

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