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Practice to Be Present

On my mat this morning, I caught myself shortening my breath so that I could move to the next position. My hurry caused me to miss the goodness of what my body was doing and antagonized my stress. In observing this, I shifted my approach to one of presence. I didn't necessarily slow my movement, but rather slowed my mind and breath to be present with my body. By removing the on to the next attitude and focusing on the current moment, I found my mind calmed and my body opened more easily. On and off the mat, I've found anticipation removes my ability to fully enjoy the present. Go-go-go mode doesn't seem to get me to my final destination in a good state of mind or any quicker. Yoga provides an opportunity to observe our behaviors and practice choosing what best serves us and our community. [Tweet This| I'm grateful that my practice continues to open my mind to better engaging my life and hope to share this gift and other holistic techniques with you soon.

Always a Yogi,

Lynn Marie

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